Transformation, Upgrading and Innovation
Development of Global Automobile Industry

The next wave of technological revolution is underway, represented by low-carbon energies, new materials, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, which is having significant, far-reaching impact on the global economy and social development. Established technologies, industrial form and business model are undergoing rapid or even disruptive changes. In this context, the automotive industry is at a tipping point of transformation and upgrading,toward a new era of comprehensive electrification, intelligence and shared mobility.

Automotive industry is an icon of the industrial civilization. Its sustainable and mutual development with our society is the goal that automotive stakeholders around world are striving for.Integrated development of electrification, intelligence and shared mobility is accelerating such process, which also brings unprecedented transformation of the industry, new sources of economic growth, and extended industry value chain.

The World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC), focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry and ecological environment improvement, will bring together global experts and industry elites to share their insights and discuss development trends and innovations of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs), such as technologies, industry ecosystem, government policies and business models. It also aims to build industry consensus, clarify growth direction, and identify effective pathway of integrated development of electrification, intelligenceand shared mobility.

Highlights of the congress
Energy transformation, environmental protection and the green development of automobile industry
The transformation upgrading and innovation development of automobile industry
Cutting-edge technologies and development trend of NEVs
New trends of cross-industry integration for NEVs
1,200global delegates from the political, industrial, academic and research fields, including prominent government officials, well-known entrepreneurs, specialists and scholars as well as engineers and technology developers.